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    Welcome to spring! Feed Me is offering a brand-new 6-day meal plan for those of you wishing to shed the kilos along with the winter layers. Our meals are designed to keep you feeling fuller for longer by being packed full of nourishing, wholesome ingredients without compromising on flavour.

    Our Nutritionist has designed His Weight Loss meal plan based on a typical weight loss diet of 7000 kJ (1650 Cal) for males*, leaving you plenty of room for a nutritious breakfast and one-two healthy snacks! Check out some healthy breakfast and snack ideas below.


    Healthy breakfast ideas (providing ~1300-1500 kJ [310-360 Cal]):

    -        1 cup cooked porridge (made with reduced fat milk), topped with banana and blueberries

    -        3/4 cup salt-reduced baked beans with a handful of fresh spinach leaves on 1 slice thick-cut wholegrain or wholemeal toast

    -        2 poached eggs with 1/3 avocado on ½ wholemeal bagel and a sprinkle of reduced-fat ricotta cheese

    -        1 small tub (150 g) low-fat yoghurt, 2 tbs chia seeds, 1 tsp honey, 10 crushed almonds and 75 g raspberries (or other seasonal berries)

    -        1 cup cooked semolina and 3/4 cup stewed fruit (unsweetened)

    -        1 slice (9 x 10 x 5 cm) vegetable frittata (without pastry) with 1 small glass (160 mL) 100% orange juice  

    -        2/3 cup high-fibre breakfast cereal (e.g. bran) with fresh fruit and ½ cup low-fat milk or yoghurt


    Healthy snack ideas (~500 kJ [120 Cal] or less per serve):

    -        1 piece of fruit (e.g. 1 small banana, 1 medium apple, pear or orange)

    -        20 g unsalted nuts (e.g. 10 almonds, 8 walnuts, 10 cashews)

    -        ½ cup pretzels

    -        100 g edamame (soybeans)

    -        2 rice crackers topped with ricotta cheese (~50 g per cracker)

    -        1 boiled egg

    -        1 slice fruit or raisin toast

    -        1 tub (~200 g) low-fat yoghurt (aim for natural, Greek or no added sugar varieties)

    -        1 cup vege sticks with 2 tbs reduced-fat Tzatziki

    -        95 g can tuna

    -        1 cup air-popped popcorn (sprinkle with smoked paprika or chilli flakes for a flavour hit)

    -        1 cup fruit salad (fresh or packed in juice)


    At Feed Me, we recognise everyone’s goals and weight-loss journey is different. For a more personalised approach to weight loss, visit your local GP or accredited dietitian.

    *Your energy requirements may be higher depending on your physical activity levels.

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    His Weight Loss - PERTH
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